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Corals & Squirts.

Most corals are made up of numerous individual polyps which are linked by living tissue. Many types of corals have algae or zooxanthellae living within the polyps tissues. The algae which are fuelled by sunlight can provide up to 98% of the coral polyps nutritional needs through the production of organic compounds. The importance of sunlight means most corals are found at depths above 20 meters. Soft corals that lack the hard limestone skeleton grow in all areas of reefs and can be found as far down as 30 metres. Possibly the most spectacular are the Gorgonian Fan Subergorgia mollis and the Dendronephthya. You can read more about corals and Sea Squirts at these external websites:

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Anilao - Philippines; Bali, Pulau Weh, Manado - Indonesia; & Pulau Redang - Malaysia.


Test your knowledge by matching the following names to some of the Corals and Sea Squirts shown here: Goldmouth Sea Squirt, Robust Sea Squirt, Staghorn Coral, Dendronephthya Soft Coral.

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Grace with Canon 860is & Canon casing with Ikelite strobe. Timmy with Nikon-D90 & Ikelite housing & strobe. Pak Nam with Canon-G12 & Canon casing.