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Here are just a few images of our group diving at various locations around South East Asia, the Maldives and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. If you are not already a diver and would like to know more about SCUBA diving, you might like to try these external websites:

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Total Photos here: 30


Maldives; Pulau Weh - Indonesia; Pulau Redang - Malaysia & Anilao - Philippines.


See if you can recognize any of the divers here from their Mug Shots in the About Us section. No prizes but congratulations if you can fit the face to the mask!

Photo Credits

Camera Crew:

Tiger & Jack Tan. Peng Khean & Li Meng with Canon-G12 & Canon casing. Noel with Olympus C-5060WZ & Ikelite casing. Lili with Canon S95 & Canon casing. Grace with Canon 860is & Canon casing with Ikelite strobe. Timmy with Nikon-D90 & Ikelite housing & strobe. KC with Olympus C-5060 & Olympus casing. Lili with Panasonic Lumix & Panasonic casing.