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Pelagic Fishes.

These are fishes that swim and hunt in open water and are often found on the edge of reefs. Probably the most commonly encountered pelagic fishes while diving are the Trevallys' also referred to as Jacks and the Chevron Barracudas. The Big Eye Trevally have the impressive habit of amassing in a huge school made up of thousands of individuals and swimming in unison as a single unit. The Chevron Barracudas exhibit similar behaviour. For more information on pelagic fishes you can try these external websites:

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Maldives; Anilao - Philippines; Sipadan - Malaysia.


The fishes shown here include the Chevron Barracuda - Sphyraena qenie, Big Eye Trevally - Caranx sexfasciatus, Bluefin Trevally - Caranx melampygus.

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Grace with Canon 860is & Canon casing with Ikelite strobe. KC with Olympus C-5060 & Olympus casing. Lili with Panasonic Lumix & Panasonic casing. Chuan.