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Coral Reef Fishes.

There is a huge diversity of fishes in tropical waters with estimates exceeding 2000 species. Some of the most common coral reef fish groups include Gobies, Wrasses, Damselfishes, Cardinal fishes, Groupers, Blennies, Surgeonfishes, Butterflyfishes, Snappers, Parrotfishes and Pipefishes. For further reading about coral reef fishes you could try these external websites:

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Manado & Pulau Weh - Indonesia; Anilao - Philippines; Sipadan - Malaysia.


Test your knowledge by matching the following names to some of the fishes shown here: Spinecheek Anemonefish, Clark's Anemonefish, Boxfish, Sweetlips, Giant Wrasse, Pygmy Seahorse, Reef Lizardfish, Squarespot Anthias, Gobi, Moray Eel, Ribbon Eel, Smallscale Scorpionfish, Leaf Scorpionfish, Six-banded Angelfish, Collared Butterfly Fish, Emperor Angelfish.

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Tiger & Jack Tan. Peng Khean & Li Meng with Canon-G12 & Canon casing. Noel with Olympus C-5060WZ & Ikelite casing. Lili with Canon S95 & Canon casing also with Panasonic Lumix & Panasonic casing.Grace with Canon 860is & Canon casing with Ikelite strobe. Timmy with Nikon-D90 & Ikelite housing & strobe. KC with Olympus C-5060 & Olympus casing. Chuan.