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Starfish & Worms.

Starfish or Sea Stars (Asteroidea) come under Echinoderms which include a whole array of extraordinary creatures. Other Echinoderms include Brittle Stars, Feather Stars, Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers. There are a whole array of Worms on coral reefs. Some of the most spectacularly colourful ones are the Fan Tube Worm and the Christmas Tree Worm. For more information on Echinoderms and Coral Reef Worms, you can try these external websites:

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Anilao, Malapascua - Philippines; Manado, Pulau Weh - Indonesia; Koh Lipe - Thailand.


Test your knowledge by matching the following names to some of the Sea Stars or Echinoderms shown here: Yellow Sea Cucumber, Graeffe's Sea Cucumber, Red-tipped Sea Star, Pin Cushion Sea Star, Horned Sea Star, Brittle Star, Christmas Tree Worm, Fan Tube Worm, Frosty-tipped Feather Star.

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Tiger. Grace with Canon 860is & Canon casing with Ikelite strobe. Timmy with Nikon-D90 & Ikelite housing & strobe. Lili with Canon S95 & Canon casing, & also with Panasonic Lumix & Panasonic casing. Pak Nam with Canon-G12 & Canon casing. Chuan.