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We have dived on various wrecks through out our diving career from small fishing boats, to large ocean going ships. Here are images of some of the most spectacular wrecks including the Sophie Rickmer at Pulau Weh which required mixed gas Nitrox tanks. You can read general information on South East Asian wrecks and the wrecks we have dived on including YouTube video at these external websites:

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Pulau Weh - Indonesia; Malapascua & Puerta Galera - Philippines.


The Wrecks we dived on here include Sophie Rickmer, Tug Boat - Pulau Weh.

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Noel with Olympus C-5060WZ & Ikelite casing. Lili with Canon S95 & Canon casing also with Panasonic Lumix & Panasonic casing. Grace with Canon 860is & Canon casing with Ikelite strobe. KC with Olympus C-5060 & Olympus casing. Tiger.